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Dodd City ISD offers reading bingo to elementary students

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For its elementary-aged students, Dodd City Independent School District recently offered students an opportunity to participate in reading bingo. The bingo game is being used as the elementary school’s summer reading program.

Some of the spaces include tasks such as reading in for 20 minutes in a car, outside or while eating lunch. Students who completely fill two rows in any direction receive an invitation to popsicles on the playground party, while students who fill every space with a blackout of their board will receive an invitation to an ice cream party.

All students who have blacked out their bingo boards will have their names entered in a drawing to receive a Hornet Pride T-shirt, with three students being selected. Parents are required to initial and date each square, which needs to be turned in to each student’s respective teacher by Aug. 21.

It is also encouraged for pictures of student’s summer reading books to be emailed to jcollida@doddcityisd.com, so the photos can be shared on the school website. All Lexia, Istation and Education Galaxy login information will also be included for each student.

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