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Leonard PD warns of scammers after tornado leaves significant damage

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The National Weather Service on Tuesday confirmed a tornado touched down in Leonard on Monday night, leaving significant damage to properties.

The Leonard Police Department is now warning residents of scammers claiming to be contractors.

“The city was hit by tornados which caused significant damage to property throughout town. This, unfortunately, has brought unsolicited so-called helpers to town,” said Leonard PD online. “Roofers, tree trimmers, and other persons are coming in. If you do not know these people or they are not carrying a City of Leonard solicitor permit, DO NOT let them in your home.”

The department advised residents to notify the city with a description and direction of travel if they are approached.

“They are not here to help, some are here to make money, some are here to scam you. If you receive an invoice or bill from one of these people for doing any work you did not approve, please contact the Leonard Police Department immediately. If you feel harassed or pressured into any type of service contact the Police Department.”

The Police Department said they have reports of persons doing work without asking or doing more than they said. Some reports stated persons on the roof taking measurements for estimates that were not requested.

“None of this is acceptable, and will not be tolerated.”

Leonard Police Department

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