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Investigation into bomb threat at Lamar County Courthouse continues

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Police are continuing the investigation into the bomb threat at the Lamar County Courthouse on July 27 and are asking anyone with any information to call Lamar County Crime Stoppers.

According to reports, sometime around 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday a Lamar County Courthouse Security Deputy found a note in one of the bottom floor bathrooms.

“The note stated there was a bomb in the upstairs courtroom,” said Sheriff Scott Cass. 

The Deputy immediately notified District Court personnel and Deputies that were present in the courtroom.

Lamar County Deputies, Court Bailiffs, Lamar County Attorney Investigator and Precinct 5 Constables immediately spread throughout the courthouse alerting all staff and civilians to exit the courthouse immediately.

“The courthouse was completely evacuated in a very short time period and a primary sweep of the courthouse was completed by law enforcement agencies, including Lamar County Sheriff’s Office, Courthouse Bailiffs, Lamar County Attorney Investigator, Precinct 5 Constables and Paris Police Department.”

A secondary sweep of the courthouse was completed by Plano Bomb Squad personnel and K-9 trained in the detection of explosives; the building was cleared finding no explosive devices.

“The person or persons responsible interrupted the business of the courthouse where a sitting Judge was on the bench, court proceedings were taking place and citizens going to various county offices to conduct county business. The investigation is currently on-going and anyone with any information on this crime please contact crime stoppers or the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division”.

“I commend the quick response from Law enforcement on scene who worked together to evacuate the building very quickly. Thank you to the employees and citizens who left quickly and orderly as evacuation protocols were implemented. I also want to thank the Plano Bomb Squad for their quick response to assist us in this incident.”

Anyone with information can call Lamar & Red River County Crime Stopper at 903-785-TIPS or the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office at 903-737-2400.

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