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Honey Grove PD warns citizens of scam-related risks

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The Honey Grove Police Department released warnings of scams on its Facebook page on Wednesday. The police force listed four different things for citizens to watch out for or to help detect a potential scam.

The first thing the post listed said, “Never give out any personal information (such as name, date of birth, social security number, etc.) by phone, email, or over the Internet if you do not know the recipient.”

Second, it said, “Never provide any form of payment (or transfer money) to anyone wanting immediate payment — especially in the form of prepaid gift cards, green dot cards, etc. These are not payment options for legitimate individual sellers, businesses, or government entities.”

The third point said, “Never call the scammer using the phone number they provide or the one listed on caller ID. Scammers often manipulate caller ID and numbers to make them seem legitimate.”

Finally, the last tip said, “Verify the identity of anyone claiming to be law enforcement, IRS, or any other government official by contacting the agency directly.”

Please call the Honey Grove Police Department at 903-378-2222 if you live in the area and suspect or witness any suspicious activity.

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