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Sam Rayburn ISD answers FAQ’s

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SRISD Family,

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate these unchartered waters. It is going to take teamwork and we have already seen that today in SRISD as grade level teams and departments have met individually to prepare for some form of distance learning for our students. I thought I would begin posting a “FAQ” Frequently Asked Questions section daily to address some common concerns. We will try and address just a few per day so keep checking back. Here are a few:

1. When will SRISD return to school? That is probably “the” question that is most difficult to answer. We get more information daily from local, state, and federal agencies. We monitor closely, but probably will not make a decision until later this week in regards to next week. The situation is too fluid to rush that decision today about next week.

2. What about employees/students that traveled over Spring Break to areas of concern? Our staff are top-notch professionals that would never jeopardize the health of others. Employees have already self-reported their travels and we have several that will self-isolate for 14 days, which is the CDC recommendation. If we return to school before that time, they will have substitutes to cover their assignments until the self-isolation period is over. Students should report travels over Spring Break if indeed school resumes.

3. Will we have to make-up school missed? TEA has provided a waiver for attendance once home delivery of instruction begins. Therefore, communication will be forthcoming about how to get online lessons or “packets” to pickup for your student. Teachers have planned this today and you will soon get directions. This will allow us to apply for a waiver for these days missed and not be required to make up all or some depending on that approval. Everything within our control will be done to not “extend” the school year calendar. If we need to “tweak” the daily schedule, then we are not opposed to adding 10 minutes at end of day to add instructional minutes (that is just an example.) However, we will apply for waiver.

4. What about events/activities for students? UIL has suspended all athletic events through March. We have not made a decision in regards to prom or special events like father-daughter dance. However, large gatherings of groups are not recommended especially for the next 8 weeks according to CDC. We have to keep those guidelines in mind during our decision-making.

5. What about meals for students? Please contact the school or complete the google document on this Facebook page to setup meals needed during time of closure. These meals are reimbursable to the district and we do not want our students to go without meals during this time. We have already started that process today of distributing meals.

6. STAAR testing? As mentioned on this page, STAAR testing (all STAAR testing) has been cancelled this school year.

If you have questions, those can be emailed to Dr. Cole McClendon and we will try and do a “Q&A” session each day. Please DO NOT just add questions to this post. We had rather make one post each day than constantly answer numerous questions on here. Thanks again to our community that has reached out to us, including area churches. We appreciate everyone being so cooperative and flexible during tough times!

Dr. Cole McClendon

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